Made for O&P Fabricators:

Easy Automated Manufacturing Management

Fabricators use FusiformCAST to reduce 30% of lead time per order and eliminate over 90% of errors in production.

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Connect your Whole Team

Head of Operations

Continuously capture performance metrics across your enterprise, and be alerted to any operational failures immediately.

Quality & Compliance Managers

FusiformCAST provides you medical-grade security and privacy right out of the box. We will work with you to easily bring your company's security and quality compliance to industry standards.

Product Technicians

Drive efficiency up through constant visualization of the order while significantly reducing error through automation.

Manufacturing Management on Autopilot


Manage your manufacturing through simple "if this then that" rules, and let us handle the rest.

Rules are simple click-to-choose rules that trigger events and actions. Use them to send notifications externally to customers, or assign specific users to an item based on a production stage.

Production Assignments

Based on order details, automatically make order data digitally accessible to specific groups or personnel.

Syncing Data Across Platforms

Automatically sync data between existing CRMs, ERPs, billing software and more with no manual entry.


Continuously capture performance metrics across your enterprise, and automatically generate custom reports.


Send statuses or notifications via email, messages, or other forms of communication directly from CAST.

Production Tracking

CAST can trigger events and provide visualization based on the production stage a product is in.

Error Identification

CAST can analyze orders or BOMs to discover errors and report them to your personnel and the customer.

Growing your business requires you to optimize production efficiency, provide stellar service, and take advantage of new technologies. CAST makes it easy.