Making O&P fabrication
efficient and hassle-free.

The world’s top performing Orthotics & Prosthetics manufacturers use Fusiform to automate their business, reducing 30% of lead time per order and eliminating more than 90% of errors.

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The future of orthotics & prosthetics fabrication is seamless connectivity between shop floor and customer.

Say goodbye to inconsistent order forms, playing phone tag with clinicians, and manual errors. Say hello to hassle-free O&P.


The easy-to-use platform to automate O&P fabrication processes.

Targeted Communication

Set up automated rules that target and send communication or orders to exactly the right person, instantaneously.

Automated Notifications

Keep clients notified without the hassle of phone tag. Automatically set notifications to be sent internally or externally based on any event that occurs.

HIPAA-Compliance in the Cloud

Keep your business up to date with HIPAA-compliance, without any of the hassle. Rest assured that your data is safe, and that it belongs completely to you.

Lightning-Fast Mistake Resolution

CAST allows you to auto-verify clinician inputs to make sure order forms are correctly filled out, and an order form isn't considered complete unless it gives you all the information you need.

Connect to Production

CAST connects everybody within your organization. Quickly resolve issues in your production pipeline by knowing exactly where every order is, and receive powerful analytics on performance and customer trends.

Open Integration

CAST is a highly flexible system that is meant to fit seamlessly into your production pipelines. Let us know if you have existing systems or applications you would like to integrate with.

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