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Connect your Customers for Safe, Simple Orders

Your customers are 33% more efficient with FusiformCAST. They will enjoy a consistent user interface to order devices from you in a HIPAA-compliant environment.

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Dynamic and Efficient Order Processing

Easily Digitize Ordering

Make your ordering process dynamic and efficient. Build a custom digital ordering experience for your customers with ease.

Significant Error Reduction

Add automatic error validation to your ordering experience to reduce greater than 90% of errors without any effort.

Transparent Communication

Connect your shop floor to your customers, providing automatic status updates and dynamically collaborating with them through messages or in 3D.

Completely Digital

Your customers can have their patients, orders and media digitally accessible, searchable, and manageable from anywhere with our cloud-based system.

3D Scanning, Anywhere

Whether they’re online or offline, your customers can use our iOS app to scan patients directly within CAST. It will sync up their patients and orders and store them securely for transfer to you.

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Instant Communication

Directly message between you and your customers, resolving issues efficiently without enormous amounts of time wasted on phone tag, form inconsistencies, and costly mistakes.

HIPAA-Compliant Security

Keep your business up to date with HIPAA-compliant standards, without any of the hassle. Rest assured that your customers’ and their patients’ data is secure.

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